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Solano College Arts Gallery (2020 Entries)

I'm mostly a traditional artist who is experimenting with digital art. I enjoy painting nature, sunsets and fantasy characters and concepts.

Amber Ford
Amber Ford.jpg
Amber Ford art.jpg

I am a graphic designer with an apparel designer background.

Alexandra Dias Fonseca
Alexandra Dias art.jpg

I am an SCC student majoring in both Nursing and Photography.  For most of my class projects, I favor creating photographs towards fine art with a minimalist and surrealist approach that takes inspiration from artists such as Lucio Fontana or Lewis Baltz.  However, my absolute favorite hobby is photographing friends giving a bit of flare on our days out!

Toshiro Jara
Toshiro Jara.jpg
Toshiro Jara art.jpg

Hiyah! I'm going into my last and final year of college being a photography/graphic design major.  I enjoy aesthetic vintage/retro things - so much so that I have three dial-up phones in my room, LOL!  vintage tends to reflect in my work and I love the nostalgic feeling and warm tones.

Seidi Long
Seidi Long.jpg
Seidi Long art.jpg

I am a SCC student majoring in Graphic Design.  I am very enthusiastic about creating artwork that reflects a cheerful and light-hearted feeling.

Grace Gribi
Solano College Arts.png
Grace Gribi art.jpg

I'm a Fine Arts major at SCC and my work focuses on my current interests and inspiration from my culture as well.  I find the work of ancient Mexican artists to be very interesting and they  strongly influence my work in many ways.

Jocelyne Contreras
Jocelyne Contreras art.jpg

I'm an artist who paints miniatures for games such as Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer 40K and others.  I also paint busts as well.  I've been painting for about seven months now and it has been a blast.  I also stream my painting on Twitch.

Christopher Dietrich

I am a local, Black business owner, Solano Community College student and mother of two children!

Gloria Radasa
Gloria Radasa.jpg
Gloria Radasa art.jpg

I am a Filipino, gay, trans man artist.  I am an aspiring illustrator.  One day I hope to help others express their own stories through my art skills.  I'm currently working on an age 18+ horror/romance story called "Whispers in the Shadows" which deals with extreme trauma, closeted identity and sexuality, and forces beyond the mortal plane.

Will (Shanelle) Parker
Solano College Arts.png
Will parker art.jpg

I am a designer and illustrator who works in traditional materials as well as digital tools.  I teach some classes at SCC in Graphic Design and Illustration.

Sarah Wasley-Smith
Solano College Arts.png
Sarah Wasley-Smith art.jpg

I am an SCC student whose artist interests are illustrations.

Andy Saechao
Solano College Arts.png
Andy Saechao art.jpg

I am a retired Probation Supervisor and art has been my salvation.

Diana Estrin
Solano College Arts.png

I immigrated from the Philippines to California in 2007.  I've been living in Suisun, CA for many years now.  I'm an aspiring illustrator and Visual Artist.  I like to go on runs and do Pilates whenever I have the time.  I like a whole lot of music from the 70's.  I try to visit my hometown in the Philippines as much as I can because it's the place that inspires me a lot.

Ana Panaligan
Ana Panaligan.png
Ana Panaligan art.png

Design Instructor Sarah Wasley-Smith illustrated an interview with Richard Cross, Solano College electrician, in which he tells the story of working on the USS Guitarro on Mare Island.  Recorded and edited by Rachel Smith, design instructor.

Wasley-Smith, Smith & Cross
Solano College Arts.png

I am an SCC student whose artist interest is animation.

Evan Day
Solano College Arts.png

A compilation from the Solano College Arts Animation Class - Spring 2019.

Solano College Arts
Solano College Arts.png


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