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The 75th Annual Solano County Fair is June 13-16, 2024. Mark Your Calendars!


74th Annual Solano County Fair: 6/15-6/18/23
FAMILY AG DAY (Formerly, Youth Ag Day)

Solano County Fair Family Ag Day moved to June 2023!

The Solano County Fair Association is excited to announce that to provide more opportunities for Solano County families to learn about agriculture, the Solano County Fair Family Ag Day has been scheduled for Thursday, June 15, 2023, and will be held in conjunction with the 74th Annual Solano County Fair. Despite the change in timing, the focus of the event will remain the same: to educate our youth, & honor the farmers, ranchers, and agricultural workers who contribute so much to our daily lives. The 2023 Family Ag Day promises to be an unforgettable celebration of agriculture in Solano County. Ag Day will not only feature livestock in our barns, but it will also include educational and hands-on opportunities surrounding sustainable living and healthy nutrition.  It is fun learning for the whole family.

We hope that you will join us to celebrate and learn more about the dedication of Solano County’s farm families and the bounty they produce.  Family Ag Day (6/15/23) is FREE for ALL! 

Parking is $10 Per Vehicle.

For Agriculture related resources & to see our previous Virtual Youth Ag Day, scroll down to the bottom of this page.

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Family Ag Day Presenters:

CAL Fire Sonoma-Lake-Napa Unit – Fire Truck and information on wildland fire safety.


California Ag in the Classroom – Educational materials


CA Milk Advisory Board – Giveaway items - Bags, Chocolate Milk Straws, Color Books, Crayons


Dairy Council of California – Where Milk Comes from Display & Milk/Healthy Eating Pamphlets


Elmira 4-H – Wool Sheep and Wool Spinning Demonstration & Crafts


Food is Free Bay Area - Food waste prevention/food rescue booth and will have fresh produce.


Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano Counties – Healthy eating


Integrated Pest Management – Beneficial insect presentation (lady bugs & caterpillars)


Loma Vista Farms - Worm presentation, how worms help the soil


McIntyre Ranch – Wool Spinning & Fiber Arts


Napa Solano Cattleman's Association – Branding and cattle chute demonstration. 


Pleasants Valley 4-H – Seed Planting Activity


Roschen Ranch – Alpacas on display


Solano Community Animal Response Team (CART) - To provide disaster preparedness education and resources to Solano County community members to ensure the best possible outcome for their animals during an emergency.


Solano County Ag Department – Information about Solano Agriculture, their Mascot and Weigh in on livestock scale


Solano County Farm Bureau – Sheep/wool craft project


Sustainable Solano – Bounty of the County – What Solano Farmers bring to the table    


UC Davis Agronomy – Soil texture demonstration and seed identification


UC Master Food Preservers – Dehydrating demonstrations


UC Master Gardeners – Worms can eat your garbage


USDA Animal and Health Inspections - Biosecurity for the Birds. Display with activity to teach the importance of keeping our poultry/birds safe and healthy by using safe biosecurity practices.


Vaca Valley Grange & Bees Kneeds – Demonstration Beehive & Information


Vaca Valley Grange – Dairy Goat Milking Demonstration


Vacaville FFA – Face Painting (Maya Farris)

Livestock Entries By the Numbers:


Beef Cattle          8 

Meat Goats         20

Poultry                 76

Rabbit                  83

Sheep                   27

Swine                   32

TOTAL                246


Cavy                      18

Dairy Goat           26

Dogs                     17

Meat Goats          4

Poultry                 56

Pygmy Goats      14

Rabbit                  65

Sheep                   7

TOTAL               207

Total Animals:   453

Livestock Exhibitors:   105

*Of Note –

Livestock animal numbers are up 80% over 2022 going from 252 to 453.    

Exhibitor numbers have also increased by 55% going from 66 to 102.


We are attributing the increases to several factors.  More families are getting out post COVID times, a change in our policy allowing exhibitors to have more flexibility in the types and quantity of animals selling in our Junior Livestock Auction on Saturday, June 18th, and positive experiences from 2022 exhibitors telling friends and family what a great time they have at our fair.

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Please Enjoy our Virtual Program from 2021 and the additional content below.

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Thank you for visiting, and we look forward to seeing you next year!

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