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The 75th Annual Solano County Fair is June 13-16, 2024. Mark Your Calendars!


74th Annual Solano County Fair: 6/15-6/18/23


We are a Vallejo Community-based Mexican Folklore dance group that focuses in mexican folk technique with stylized ballet caracteristics. Ranging from traditional dances to our own remakes of modern music, our folkloric dance group strives to create a fun and enjoyable show!

Delta Stage, 6/18 @ 3:30p


Traditional Ballet Folklorico Group with over 150 dancers throughout bay area. Using all attire and dancing all dances from all regions of Mexico.

Delta Stage, 6/18 @ 12:30p


Banded Future is a Los Angeles-based pop/hip hop music group that performs clean, fun touring music that everyone can listen to with a style that's uniquely Californian.

In just 2 years since formation, they have already been named John Lennon Songwriting Contest winners, Telly Award winners, Lennon Award winners, and California Music Video Award winners.

Bay Stage, 6/17 @ 6:30p & 7:30p


I have been playing music since 2008. It started off with Tahitian music and today I mostly find myself singing R&B and Pop music.

I have performed all throughout California. Today I am located in the Bay Area making music as an independent artist and as a part of Matahani.

Delta Stage, 6/18 @ 2:00p


BSharp Academy has been around for 23+ years with a very diverse group of students performing in the areas of singing, drums, piano and guitar.  They've participated in many community events to include tomato festivals, parades, jelly belly etc.  They are ages 5-18 years old and have performed at Solano County Fair as well.

Bay Stage, 6/17 @ 12:30p


Crossman Connection- Two brothers living their dream one show at a time. These guys have toured all over the US, played well over 10,000 shows and still love what they do EVERY time they hit the stage. If you’re looking for your next favorite band… look no further. Crossman Connection will have you on your feet in awe from the first song til the end of the show! If you get a chance, check out their Nashville Recorded albums “How High” and “EPic.” 

Bay Stage, 6/15 @ 6:30p & 7:30p


Dancers of the Desert and Friends are Middle Eastern dancers with over 40 years experience performing around the Bay Area. We integrate traditional folk styles with modern interpretations using props and a wide variety of costumes.  We have performed at the Solano Fair many times and a proven crowd pleaser.

Delta Stage, 6/17 @ 2:30p


Over six decades of music await you. I am Dennis DeVilbiss, and I have been performing publicly since the age of 2. I am excited to be considered as your musical performer on your special day. I am Classically trained, I have performed in 4 Las Vegas Showrooms, and I have been preparing myself to make your event a memory that you will cherish forever. Thank you for stopping by, and please contact me about creating memories to last a lifetime.

Solano Sip N Suds, 6/16 1:00p-4:30p


Eye’z is an American pop singer and popular performing artist from the San Francisco Bay Area. Making her mark in the music industry, she dropped her “Bizy” demo and gave fans a taste of what’s to come in her upcoming release, “Sugar” as performed in her latest single entitled, “Go for it”, live at the 2022 My Music Block TV Awards, and at the annual COWAPIGLOOSA music festival. Attracting a growing fandom with her exquisitely soulful vocals and vivacious persona in the limelight, Eye’z has been featured on BeTV and WRIGHTPLACETV, and is currently on tour with Cut It Up Entertainment.

Bay Stage, 6/17 @ 2:30p


Gas Money is a talented young band ages 16-19 consisting of four members who know how to rock! They all have come out of School of Rock, Santa Rosa and now tour on their own! They love to rock out with mostly 90's and 2000's songs, but throw in danceable favorites from other eras, as well as a few of their own awesome originals! People, young and old, are loving them! You don’t want to miss this talented group!

Delta Stage, 6/16 @ 6:30p


Gina Williams is a Solo Multi-Genre Singer, Songwriter, Pianist, and Composer.  She continues to perform Nationally and Internationally sharing music in up to 12 languages including Ukrainian and Chinese.  Her relatable stories and uncanny humor resonates with audiences worldwide - creating an unforgettable experience.

Bay Stage, 6/18 @ 3:30p


Jun has been performing Country Music, Rock and Roll and Filipino folk music for more than 30 years in the bay area.

Bay Stage, 6/18 @ 1:30p


We are a variety (e.g. rock, dance, pop, r&b, jazz) band performing within but not limited to the bay area, consisting of members of various ethnicities, & have performed for various events & places repeatedly (we are asked to come back to perform regularly).

Delta Stage, 6/16 @ 3:00p

Maggie Alcantara.jpeg


I am a nurse who dabbles in karaoke joint singing and I have performed in company affairs in the past. I also have performed in a concert set at Vallejo in the last year.

Delta Stage, 6/15 @ 5:00p


Maya Band - Maya Latin Roots is a Latin Tribute Band, presenting popular cross over hits from well-known artist, our music is half Spanish and half English, including special tributes from movie sound tracks Selena & La Bamba and tributes by Santana, La Sonora Dinamita, and music by Mark Anthony, Gloria Estefan, Celia Cruz, Thalia and Old School hit medleys. Based in Northern California. 

Bay Stage, 6/18 @ 6:30p & 7:30p


Ohana O' Lokomaika'i Dancers - Hawaiian and Tahitian dance group sharing the aloha spirit to you thru music and dance for 20 years in the bay area.

Bay Stage, 6/17 @ 1:30p


Roots Man Project (RMP) is a California based band that performs Reggae music featuring improvised dub solos and original melodies.

The Project, formed in 2014, came together with the same interest to promote a roots reggae vibe and deliver messages through lyrics that speak on everyday, real life experiences such as evolution, love, social changes, struggles, as well as political views.

Enjoy the Caribbean sound and rasta vibration of live reggae, dub, and dancehall. RMP has opened for reggae legend Anthony B, Jamaican artist Turbulence, Roots Reggae Band Midnite, Junior Toots, Hirie, E.N. Young, and more.

The band provides an exceptional entertaining experience by engaging and interacting with the crowd to dance and sing along.

Their electrifying stage performances have gained them loyal fans and followers. Their goal is to share their positive energy and messages through their music. Their fun, upbeat vibes are inviting and well received by all ages and races.

Delta Stage, 6/17 @ 6:30p


Keeping it funky since birth, Pee Dot Scott is an all around entertainer born and raised in the Bay Area of Northern California. A man of many hats such as DJ,  Songwriter and Recording Artist. His unmatched charisma, and funky blend of Hip-Hop and R&B make each Pee Dot Scott performance an experience to remember. 

Bay Stage, 6/16 @ 1:00p


San Francisco Bay Area based musician and producer, Nicholas Hasty’s project, SOUL GLITCH, takes Indie-Electronica into unexplored and exciting territories.  A fusion of music and technology, Soul Glitch songs express and reflect our common humanity.  A message he shares through exquisite lyricism, rich vocal melodies and harmonies, and musicianship in synergy with synthesizers, wind instruments, and audio effects in a real-time remix of the live performance.

Bay Stage, 6/16 @ 2:00p


We are a high energetic 7-piece R&B Funk | Motown | Latin | Old School cover tune party band. We perform danceable music form the 80's 90's and 2000's  with a hot selection of songs! Our goal is to provide fun and professional quality entertainment to all audiences and genders. Our band delivers high energy with each performance.

Bay Stage, 6/16 @ 6:30p & 7:30p


Solano's Super Seniors is a remarkable group of older adults who come together to exercise and support each other in Solano County. This group believes that age is just a number and that staying active is essential to maintaining good health and well-being. They meet regularly to engage in various exercises, including strength training, balance, and cardio workouts, all while enjoying each other's company. The group creates a fun and supportive environment where members encourage each other to achieve their fitness goals, share their experiences, and inspire one another. Solano's Super Seniors is a shining example of how a community can come together to promote healthy living and camaraderie among its members.

Come exercise with us! 

Delta Stage, 6/17 @ 1:30p


Take Flight, with their passion for music, have  performed professionally throughout the Bay Area and have worked with clients including YouTube Headquarters and the California School Employees Association. The group was also voted one of the "Best Napa Valley Bands” of 2017 & 2019 by Napa Life Magazine.

Singing hit songs from a wide variety of genres and artists, they bring a fresh take to everything they do, while keeping audiences of all ages singing along!

Bay Stage, 6/16 @ 3:30p


United in Dance is a dance group that focuses on dancing to gospel music. Dance genres include modern dance, line dancing and African dancing.

Delta Stage, 6/17 @ 3:30p


Whiskey & Honey has been together for about 10 years now as well. We have a devoted following of fans throughout Solano County and beyond. We’d been playing city festivals around Solano County for years, including Vacaville’s Creekwalk in 2022, festivals in nearby cities including Fairfield’s Tomato Festival and various downtown festivals in Dixon, including the annual Mayfair.

We perform mostly old and new country, including some classic rock hits from bands such as Fleetwood Mac, Pat Benatar, Peter Frampton, Tom Petty, The Eagles etc. We frequently engage the audience in large groups of line dancers at shows, encouraging folks to join in and learn the routines.

Delta Stage, 6/15 @ 7:00p & 8:00p




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